• Studbook : SF
  • Année de naissance : 1988
  • Robe : Bai Foncé
  • Taille : 175 cm
  • Discipline: CCE / CSO
  • Propriétaire : Syndicat Alligator Fontaine - Haras de Brullemail
  • Naisseur : Michel Pelissier

Le mot de l'éleveur

"ALLIGATOR FONTAINE, a very charismatic horse with an extraordinary look, was a great international champion. It is the stallion with the strongest ISO (190) in the history of SF.

 It has an "outcross" pedigree to cross with all the most used European lines. ALLIGATOR, along with ALME and LAUDANUM, was one of the founding stallions of the Brullemail stud. 

He has produced one of the best mares in the world JALISCA SOLIER, the crack and heart mare of Steve Guerdat. ALLIGATOR comes from a family that has produced many great champions for each generation. It is a stallion to cross with mares of small and medium sizes, it brings them model, amplitude and it transmits its unforgettable expression. »


Gayssire Fleury ex Noren, SF
Sire, PS
Mourne, PS
Vieux Manoir, PS
Ballynash, PS
Sariegail, PS
Hill Gail, PS
Sarie, PS
Capucine, SF
Khereddine, DS
Babouino, PS
Fleur de Sartilly, DS
Marjolaine, DS
Débuché, DS
Havane, DS
Nighty Fontaine, SF
Dark Tiger, PS
Nasrullah, PS
Nearco, PS
Mumtaz Begum, PS
Spotted Beauty, PS
Man O'War, PS
Silver Beauty, PS
Elyria, SF
Nykio, SF
Fra Diavolo, DS
Perle Fine III, DS
L'Echapée, PS
Trésor, PS
Cent Boule, PS


  • Studbook d’approbation : SF, SI, SWE, AACR, SA (Selle argentin)
  • Statut Ostéoarticulaire : 7 *



Noren ex Gayssire Fleury, big winner in CSIO, 9of the 1983 World Cup Final, exported to the USA by Kathy Monahan-Prudent, became one of the best horses in the world by winning numerous international GPs: the American Invitational, the New York President Cup, the Tampa Grand Prix, Washington... He was named"Horse of the Year"in 1982. He had very few products (72 foals born in his entire career), but several were very good winners like Crakerjack, winner in CSI in the USA, Baron du Percher ISO 147(97), Chabgar Mail ISO 144(02), Dabgar Mail ISO 143(05), Eden du Thal ISO 154(01), Daughter of Noren ISO 153(99)...

Première mère:

Nighty Fontaine, dressage-labelled, finalist at 4 and 5 years old, ISO 111(83), has 10 products including:

Embrya Mail ( Digne Hope sf), Supreme Champion of Broodmares in 2002, mother of:

-Olympia Mail mother of Altair of Val Henry, ICC 142(17)

-Palmera Mail mother of Tiffany Mail ISO 133(16), Uppsala Mail ISO 131(13)

- Polestar Mail, "Excellent" at 5 and finalist at 6 years old, ISO 137(09), mother of Andain du Thalie , stallion, French Champion of 5 years, Vice-Champion at 6 years, 2nd of the Derby at CSIO5 in La Baule 2018 with O. Guillon, ISO 151(19)

 -Samsara Mail, CSI 1.60m winner with Vanessa Norblin, ISO 150(19)

Frisco Mail (Hand In Glove ps), 5-year-old finalist, ISO 131(00)

Frascator Mail (Jalisco B sf) stallion, big winner in CSI 1.60m and CSIO5 with P. Delaveau, ISO 170(02) 

Nocturne Mail, mother of:

- Treasury Mail, stallion, 6-year-old finalist, CCI4 winner, Team Bronze Medal at Tryon 2018 WYM, ICC 147(17)

Ombra Mail, mother of:

- Benhur de Salinas, winner in CSI 1.60m

Seconde mère:

Elyria has 17 products including:

I Love You, stallion exported to the USA and big winner in internationals, winner of the World Cup and "Horse of the Year" in 1983, ISO 155(81), father of very good international winners like Ilian Kilen, J.O. 2008 

Jolly Good, CSIO winner stallion in the USA, ISO 149(87)

"Only You Fontaine, mother of Fortune du Defey, herself mother of My Baby Blue Batilly", finalist at 6 years old, ISO 150(09) 

Sweetlove Fontaine, finalist at 6 years old, ISO 127(90)

Uptolove Fontaine, National Stallion, ISO 134 (93)

Velcome Fontaine, stallion, CSI winner in Belgium, ISO 144 (95) 

Baby Love Fontaine, mother ofIseult of Helby ISO 143(03) and Leoville, stallion, ISO 136(08)

Crasylove Fontaine, mother of Grace du Reverdy, herself mother of Severly Hille, finalist at 5 years old, ISO 147(15)


A 6 ans, il est finaliste à Fontainebleau et Lanaken avec Pascale Wittmer. 

A 8 et 9 ans, sous la selle de Michel Robert, il est le meilleur étalon performer de sa génération remportant de nombreuses victoires en CSI et CSIO comme à Blaye, Dublin, Hickstead, Gijon, Jerez, La Baule... 

A partir de 10 ans, sous la selle d’Eric Navet, il gagne le Master des Etalons au CSI de Caen, est 2e du Sire Of The World à Bordeaux, et s’illustre sur les plus grands terrains de concours du monde : vainqueur à Cannes, Deauville, Aachen, Bercy, Genève, Jardy, Bordeaux, Lummen... Il est sacré Champion de France en 1999, obtient le meilleur ISO des étalons français et est élu «Etalon performer de l’année».


  • Année d’entrée à la reproduction en France : 1994
  • Nombre d’années de monte : 24
  • Nombre de saillies en France : 772

Conditions de monte

  • IAC :(3 doses : 24 paillettes/jument) Formule au 1/10 GPV : 200 € HT à la réservation + 700 € HT - Forfait technique IAC : 250 € HT (Conditions spéciales "Club Mail" (voir catalogue sur www.brullemail.com))
  • IAC :(3 doses : 24 paillettes/jument) Formule à la naissance : 200 € HT à la réservation + 850 € HT - Forfait technique IAC : 250 € HT (Conditions spéciales "Club Mail" (voir catalogue sur www.brullemail.com))


Despite a fairly limited production (402 foals in 23 years of riding, average 17 products per year), he is the father of winners in CSO and CSI in France and abroad including:

Jalisca Solier, ISO 184(09), big winner in CSI5-W under the saddle of Steve Guerdat, winner of the GPs at the CSI-W in Geneva and Vigo, Team Gold medal at the European Chpts in Windsor in 2009, Bronze Bronze Team Medal at the Beijing Olympics and 9th in individual, ranked 18E 2009

Otello du Soleil, finalist at 6 years old, and winner in CSIO5 GP 1, 60m for Switzerland with R. Duguet, winner of the GP CSI4 in Salzburg, ISO 169 (16)

Magnus Aconcagua Mail, CSI 1.60m with Mr Chechic

Mystery of Servole, winner in CSI 1.45m in Spain, ISO 146(10)

Loren Mail, CSI 1.45m with C. Grangier then for Spain, ISO 142(10) 

Rackam d'Aunis, CSI 1.45m under American saddle

Puertas Catena, CSI 1.40m, American Chpts Jr with J-P. Gaspar Albaez

Magnus Alabama Mail, CSI 1.40m under Monegasque saddle

Jaipour de Brève, ISO 147(11)

Nahla de Virginia, finalist at 6 years old, ISO 142(10) andIgator of the Abbey, finalist at 4 and 5 years old, ISO 139(06) -Jalligator des Bois, finalist from 4 to 6 years old, ISO 135(06) -Kineée du Miral,finalist at 4 years old, ISO 138(08) -Lovestory de Boisy ISO 135(08) -Christmas of Tourtel,"Excellent" at 4 years old, ISO 136(10) -Boisy Icarus, finalist at 4 years old, ISO 130(09) -Here the Mill, ISO 132(03) -Kigali des Violettes, "Elite" at 4 years, finalist at 6 years, ISO 131 (08) -Kroc'Odile de la Loge, isO 132(03) 5-year-old finalist -Ness du Loc'H ISO 130(11) -Perla Mail ISO 132(13) -South Pethrus ISO 133(14) -Quinquin des Biches ISO 132(15) -Roxy Music , "Excellent" at 4 years old, ISO 130(14)...

He is also the father of CCE winners: 

Nebelle des Aubuis, 6-year-old finalist in CCE, ICC 144 (09) 

Palligator du Buguet, finalist at 5 years old, ICC 129(14) andCarisma Mail ICC 129(16) - Cafeny ICC 129(11) -Shergar du Saillan ICC 126(11) - Oceane Mail ICC 121(19) - Qing Mail ICC 120 (10) - Nevele Vandrin ICC 119 (07)

Abroad: Magnus Ayelen is Supreme Champion of Argentina in 2003, Quierca di San Giuseppino is winner of the final of the 5 years in Italy ...

Alligator Fontaine is also an excellent father of mothers with Ornella Mail-HDC ISO 175(12),Matahari Mail ISO 153(06), the stallion Quarto Mail ISO 161(18) in the USA...

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